A Few Reasons Why A Real Estate Agent Should Also Be A Good Valuer

5_Banners_Project_DetailsAs mentioned above real estate is becoming a tough and competitive business. There are a number of reasons for this and the proliferation of a number of real estate agents is perhaps the main reason. Almost all the real estate agents are running after the same properties and hence they are finding the going difficult. In such a scenario, it makes sense for real estate agents to find out ways and means by which they can add value to their customers. Once a customers finds an additional value proposition from a real estate agent he would certainly like to try it out.

It is a known fact that each and every purchase, sale or even renting of a real estate property would call for the services of property valuers as they are often called. They have a number of crucial, mandatory and informative roles to play. For example, they help the prospective buyers to be sure about the actual fair market value of a property. In the same light when a person wants to take an apartment or building on rent, here too valuation professionals assist them in ensuring that they will be paying the fair rent for the property in question.

Hence, if as a real estate agent you are also able to offer this service, there certainly is and added value proposition which will strike the right cord with the customers. You will be able to not only do your real estate business successfully but you will also be able to earn handsome money by also being a valuation service provider. You will be able to rope in new customers much easier when compared to your just being a real estate agent. You will be spreading your risk a bit wider and your revenues will not depend on real estate brokerage alone. You reputation and goodwill in the market will also skyrocket and it will certainly augur very well for your future business growth, without any doubt. It will totally change the way you do your real estate business and will set benchmarks for others to follow.

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Why Valuation Forms An Important Part Of Any Real Estate Company Business

Greenlane for only $475,000 Leasehold - Realestate.co.nzThe main objective why a property is bought or sold is to ensure that both the parties at the end of the transaction have some commercial benefit to get from the whole deal. This can be gauged by quite a few things including the very important buying rate and selling rate. The buyers and sellers need some yardstick by which the commercial viability of the transaction can be gauged. This without any doubt is the value of the property. There are many ways by which some notional value can be ascertained for the property in question. The market itself has a value which is often called the market value. However it may not be always accurate and as buyers and sellers both of them need to be sure that it is accurate and dependable.

It is here that the role of a professional property valuer Sydney becomes very important. There are a number of advantages that could be available when a property is valued by an independent, experienced and government approved valuer. First and foremost such valuation contains a seal of authority which is much better accepted than even the best of so-called fair market value that keeps floating around. The reason for such authenticity and acceptability is because of many reasons. First and foremost, the valuation figures quoted by such reports are done so after going through various due diligence processes.

The property in question is physically examined and its condition made a note of. The valuers also scout the neighborhood and find out the valuation of similar properties that are now being offered. They check the legal status of the property and give an honest report about the property taxes due and other such important details. Hence, at the end of the day the valuation report that gets laid on the table contains all necessary information that have an important value in ascertaining the value of a property. This goes a long way in satisfying both the buyers and the sellers. They can be more than sure that the property valuation figure available is something that can be totally relied upon.

Hence, there is no denying the fact that though buying and selling of a property requires the help and assistance of many professionals, the role of property valuers is something that is of paramount importance. They form a very important fulcrum without which the entire edifice of property buying and selling might come crashing down.

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Buying Your First Home – Keep These Useful Tips In Mind

Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 4.18.03 PMLike your first love, your first home that you purchase from your own income is something that will stand etched in your memory for a long period of time. However, like the first love you certainly will have jitters and butterflies in your stomach because of lack of knowledge and experience when it comes to buying your first home. Unlike your first love, where there are no laid down procedures and processes, when it is about buying your first home, there are some useful tips which if followed could be quite useful in more ways than one. Let us over the next few lines try and find out more about the various suggestions that could be helpful in your endeavor to buy the dream home of yours for the first time.

Planning is the key to buying the right property whether it is for the first time or for the tenth time. Once you plan well in advance, you know where to start the entire process. Planning helps you to put various things in place including the budget for the entire purchase. It is quite certain that buying a property would most property involve applying for a mortgage loan. Hence, unless you have planned in advance and have a fix on the budget moving forward would be difficult. And property valuation company in Melbourne can help you fix your budget so you can move forward accordingly.

Having a clear look at the neighborhood is also a part of planning which is of great importance. When you are moving into a new home, you are not moving in isolation but are moving into a place where you would hope to find other likeminded people. Hence you should feel comfortable with the neighborhood and the quality of people who reside in it. Further, the facilities and amenities available in the neighborhood is also another important factor that needs to be taken into account when going in for purchase of home for the first time by a mortgage loan.

Next is the total area that you are looking for as far as your home is concerned. This would certainly depend on the budget that you in mind, the number of family members and other such factors. You should have a fix on the exact square feet of home that you are looking for, plus-minus a few square feet. This will help you not only to plan your budget but also help in planning of furniture and other such purchases.

Only when all these things are made clear should you approach either a real estate agent or a promoter in your quest to give shape to your dream home. Identifying the bank or financial institution should also be done only after you have had a fix on the above points.

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Are Real Estate Agents Needed At All

Content-Marketing-for-Real-Estate-2Whenever we are in the need of buying or selling a real estate property, we often keep the real estate agents as the last choice. This is perhaps because of the deep seated doubts that we have about these professionals. Many of them are actually myths because when you have a chance to deal with them and interact with them you will that such myths and beliefs are unfounded and not exactly based on facts. But at the end of the day the question that still creeps in the mind of many persons is whether we need their services in the first place or whether we can do the job ourselves.

You are the best person to decide whether you need a real estate agent or not. However, there hardly is any doubt that they have a lot of value to add to you as a customer. If you are working or doing your own business, you certainly will be hard pressed for time. Added to this if you have to buy a property or sell it, you must without any doubt seek the services of the property valuations in Adelaide.

Many persons are under the belief that the main objective of real estate agents is to use customers and make a fast buck and vanish from the scene. This again is a misplaced belief. If this had been the case you would not have come across dozens of real estate, quite a few of them big companies who have built successful businesses and relationships with scores of customers over the past many years. In fact it is the other way around. Professional and good real estate agents go out of the way to serve their customers and in many cases the work they do is much beyond their normal call of duties.

For example, there have been a number of situations where real estate agents because of their sheer experience and expertise in the field of property marketing have been able to offer advice regarding valuation of properties and other such matters which are not exactly their domain. Many realtors have also helped many customers to approach banks and financial institutions for the purpose of loans and other such borrowings. Some of the best realtors are also very well connected with property lawyers and advocates and hence customers to look up to their help and counsel when the situation so demands. In fine, there is hardly any doubt that barring a few, most of the real estate agents not only legitimately earn their bread but go much beyond what is expected of them.

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What Should One Expect From A Good Real Estate Agent

home_loanBecoming a real estate agent is not a big deal at all. Getting a license too is not a major challenge and therefore getting started in this business in quite easy. However, moving forward and being prepared for the long grind is what separates the grain from the chaff. The biggest challenge for any good real estate agents or property valuers in Brisbane is to keep their head high and weather the initial storm which is bound to be there. The unfortunate part is that most of the real estate agents buckle under the first signs of pressure and then start blaming the whole profession itself. This is not right because like any good profession, there is no free lunch in this business and a good real estate agent has to make his presence felt in more ways than one.


If you look at any good real estate agent you will certainly find that he or she has a very important quality. These persons are good at networking with people and building relationships. Hence, the first attribute that is needed for being successful in this business is to learn and become people-friendly. In this career you will have to deal with people from different background and social strata. You will have to learn and move along with them which is easier said than done.


Secondly, an independent real estate agent has to motivate himself and be a self-starter. There is no one to push him from the back unlike a business where you have a boss breathing down your neck. It is the real estate agent who has to plan for the day and do a proper introspection and find out how the day has gone by. No one will ask for any reports or no one will analyze the reports critically. Last but not the least the good old qualities of hard work, honesty, transparency and commitment to excellence are also very much applicable in this business too.

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How to choose a reliable Real Estate Company

cartoon-realtorNow days you can easily simplify your buying & selling process with the help of any Real Estate Company located in your area or in any other part of the city. Almost all of us do face situations where we have to either buy or sell a property and we get confused over the criteria’s behind such procedures. The major problem comes over deciding the legal criteria’s. We cannot deny the fact that somehow it is a challenging task especially when we are unaware of the legal regulations involved with the procedure of buying and selling a property. In this procedure many of us also faces situations where we end up paying hefty amount and loses a larger part of our hard earned money (which we regret later) in place of something which might have cost at much reduced price if we were aware of the procedures involved. Therefore it is always recommended to look around for help from the credible & experienced real estate agents located in your city. We should always avail the advantaged of the experience & sell or buy them at reasonable price.

Simplify the Process

There are several companies that hire experts & professionals to help people with selling and buying of properties when they are in need. In return they charge handsome amount as fee for rendering their services to their customers. They also make sure that the deal for the property will be done on fair basis. The deal is done in much simpler way and all the legal tasks are also done with ease as these agents are very well aware of the associated terms & conditions. And associate norms.

Choosing a Right Provider

Will choosing a provider one must make sure that the professionals should be well trained & experienced and offer the assistance is the best possible manner. To find the best provider among the pool of providers a proper research is required at you end. It is also advisable that you must read reviews about that provider in order to evaluate the customer satisfaction level.

Look around for certified realtors

A reputed real estate development company is made up of a team of certified realtors who are capable to judge the right property price after accessing various conditions such as location, condition, size, etc. A proper guidance from reputed certified realtors would help the customers to pick up the best option and add value to the money spent. However in today’s technical world there are many service providers that are available online. To look around an online realtor you can easily surf internet and choose the realtor for a specific location. The problems related to under pricing while selling and over pricing while buying can be dealt easily by these experts. Hence hire the experts & keep yourself away from all kinds of hassles.

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Tips For Real Estate Agents To Further Their Business Prospects


Running a real estate business is not as easy and simple as it was a few decades ago. It might never have been easy but it certainly was quite simple. However, of the past few decades things certainly have become very tough. There are many reasons attributable to this and increased level of competition is certainly a big reason. However, in spite of increase in competition and other uncertainties, there are quite a few real estate agents who have been able to make it big. It would be worthwhile to take a cue from them and implement them to give a new fillip to your real estate agency business.

Real estate agency is a service oriented business and there are no tangible products that you can offer to the customer. You can at best play the role of an enabler or intermediary and bring together prospective buyers and sellers under one platform. This is quite tough and you may have to master the concept of number game to succeed and keep the story going on and on. It calls for mastering networking skills, people management skills and also requires you to find outways and means by which you can strengthen existing relationships apart from looking for new ones.

Today’s real estate customers are quite smart and intelligent and they would like to research, take information and gather knowledge before committing on a real estate purchase or sale. Under such circumstances it is important for you to find out ways and means by which you can add value to your customers as a real estate agent. You could surely make a beginning by having a website and provide useful and meaningful information to the visitors. When a prospect keeps coming back to your website over and over again, you have a bright chance of converting him into a customer from a prospect.

The next important point is to add a few more related products to your portfolio. One good example that could be tried out is to offer property valuation as an add-on service to your customers. This will certainly appeal to your existing real estate customers and will also help you to rope in new customers. It will help you to sell more valuation related services to new customers and also bring in real estate agency prospects from them.

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How Learning Valuation Could Help Your Real Estate Agency Business

5eccb0f8a658417d853e1e90b1c88366While there is no doubt that there is good money to be made as a real estate agent, the going is not always easy in most of the cases. The number of persons or companies who fall by the wayside are quite big in numbers. However, this does not go to prove that everything is wrong with the real estate agency business and people should stay away from it. Homes and apartments are being constructed and old homes are being resold and purchased. Hence, there is continuous activity going in the real estate industry. It is therefore incumbent upon you to find out ways and means by which as a real estate agent makes the most out of the opportunities and challenges that present themselves.

One of the main reasons why main real estate agents do not realize their full potential is because of a few important reasons. One of the main reasons is looking for success overnight which never happens in this business. It has to be a waiting game and one should always believe in the number game. The next important point that needs to be kept in mind is to ensure that they try and find out innovative ways and means by which they can keep adding value to their customers. This is easier said than done and would certainly require the agents to think out of the box.

One of the possible solutions would be to try and diversify your real estate business so that you will not end up putting all the eggs in one basket. However, you should be sure that you are diversifying only in those areas which are closely connected with your line of business. You could try and become a property valuer or appraiser along with your main business of real estate agency. This will certainly go a long way helping you to raise revenues from two sources. It will also help your main real estate agency business in more ways than one. You will be able to rope in newer prospects who could become your customers over a period of time. In the same light, your own customers could be offered real estate valuation and appraisal. Hence it certainly will be a win-win situation in more ways than one.

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How To Assess A Good Real Estate Agent

commercial-land-saleAs a starting point it is always better to look for real estate agents who have a formal registration and certification. Though a formal course on real estate agency business would be desirable it is not exactly mandatory. Further, we have to look for real estate agents who have been in this line for a reasonably long period of time. Success in real estate takes time and effort and hence if you are working with agents who have been in this business for 10 years or more, you can be sure that they are reputed and have the required experience. Further, they should also enjoy a good reputation and goodwill amongst the customers. It would not be a wrong idea to look for valuers who allow prospective customers to take feedback from their existing customers. This is a good way to check on their credentials and their abilities.

Good real estate agents are those who are able to offer excellent value for money to their customers. Given the competitive situation that real estate agents have to work, it is important that they offer something extra other than identifying the right buyer or seller as the case may be. Today, it is quite common to come across valuers who have also become reputed property valuers and appraisers. Both real estate agency and property valuation are complimentary to one other. Hence, as a real estate agent, if one is able to offer valuations as a service, it certainly makes a big difference to the way in which customer perceive them. Any real estate buyer or seller would certainly need the services of valuers because of obvious reasons. Hence, if the same is offered as an add-on service by agents it will certainly be an icing on the cake for customers.

It is therefore very important for valuers to look beyond the obvious if they are keen on surviving in today competitive environment. Offering valuation and other related services is certainly a good idea to bring in new prospects and also retain the existing customers.

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What Are The Services Provided By A Property Valuer

slide1The primary job of a real estate valuer is to help the buyer or seller to have a clear idea about the fair market value of the property in question. Though many of us might argue that the market rates are in itself a good indicator, a better and scientific way to find out the value of the property would be using the services of these professionals. These valuers do take into account market sentiments and value. But they also use their own formulas, tools and techniques to come with a valuation which they feel are justified for the property in question. They consider various inputs like to locality of the property, its age, its general condition, the size of the property, etc. They also take into account the ownership status and try to find out whether the property has any issues like easements, covenants and other such obstacles preventing complete and unhindered ownership.

Hence this information certainly helps buyers and sellers. Buyers in particular stand to be benefitted by the information provided by valuers. Apart from the valuation report, most  reports also contain subjective elements which are equally useful. Such information talks about the location where the property is situated, the infrastructure development and quality of people living in the neighborhood, just to name a few. They go a long way in helping the buyer to make up his mind whether to buy or not to buy the property.

Further apart from simple vanilla valuations, valuers also help out customers in more complicated valuations such as backdated or retrospective valuations, valuation of compensation claims just to name a few. Taking all the above points into consideration there is     no doubt that there are a host of services being provided by quality valuers across the country in almost each and every city, town or village.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Home

1510981_667250279987475_1233533132_n-300x246First and foremost, buying a home requires a good understanding of the budget in mind. At the end of the day, the size of the home, the location, quality and other parameters are certainly influenced by the budget one has in mind. Hence, firming up the budget is without doubt the first step towards buying one’s dream home.

Budget now being firmed up, the next job is to find out the exact location where one wishes to buy the home. Most of the home buyers are family men and therefore location is of paramount importance. The property in question must be located near schools, colleges, hospitals, public transport systems and entertainment facilities apart from having the right restaurants shopping malls. It is also important that the basic infrastructure like roads and other such utilities are in the best of condition.

Next is to ensure that the size of the property is adequate taking into account the overall size of the family and the budget that one has in mind. This is not an easy job and would call for taking the help of professionals. When we mention about such professionals, the need to look for the right property valuer is extremely important. He is the one who takes into a number of factors such as size, location, age of the property and other such factors before coming out with the fair market value of the property in question. He also goes much the obvious and also would be keen on sharing qualitative information about the neighborhood as mentioned above. This will certainly be a very invaluable piece of information which will help prospective buyers to make up their mind. Hence, the role of real estate and appraisers is of great importance towards giving shape to your dream home.

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Getting To Understand The Finer Points About Property Valuation

688_4962-2The main purpose why a real estate property is being bought or sold is because of the existence of a commercial interest in such transaction. The two main parties to a real estate transaction are the sellers and buyers. While the objective of the seller is to get the best possible price for the property, the buyer on the other hand would also like to be sure that he is paying only the fair value for the property in question. For many decades, the market has been the main yardstick based on which prices are decided and settled. However, most of the buyers and sellers would not like to take the market price as the final figure. They would like to have it confirmed from an independent third party professional and this is where the role of a property valuer becomes very important.

The main role of a property valuer is to ensure that he finds out the fair market value of the property in question. He uses a number of methods to find it out based on the type of the property, its location, age and the purpose for which it is being used. For example, if a valuer is asked to value a hotel property then the valuation method will be different when compared to valuation of a residential building or apartment.

Not only does the valuer take the trouble of helping the buyers and sellers to have a fix on the fair market value of the property, they also help with some very useful subjective information about the property. They give details about the locality where the property is situation, the condition of infrastructure, the availability of otherwise of various amenities and facilities. They also go a step further and give some qualitative assessment of the type of people who make up the neighborhood. Hence, the valuers report forms a very important basis for buyers to take a call on buying or not buying a property.

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Why Such Big Importance Of Valuation Of Properties

aliweb12s-1-webHowever small or big a real estate property might be, it is quite important to have it valued for many reasons. While the biggest single reason is without doubt the need to have a fair market value of the property there are other purposes too that are served. Real estate appraisers and valuers do not stop just by finding out the value of a property. They go much beyond it. They check on the legal status of the property in question and also about the previous owners who could have sold it to the current owners over a period of time. They also measure the properties and confirm that it is of the same size and dimensions as it is shown in the government revenue record books and also in the agreement.

Apart from these objective pieces of information, real estate valuers also offer a lot of other value additions to the prospective buyers. They pay a visit to the location of the site and scan the entire area for getting more details about the overall developmentof infrastructure in the area. They also look at other properties in the area which are similar in size and nature. They compare the prices of the same and ensure that the price being quoted by the seller is in line with the fair market price.

It is also quite normal for quality property valuers to also give a subjective report about the types of people who make up the neighborhood. They also mention in detail about the availability of transport, schools, colleges, medical facilities, entertainment avenues just to name a few. Hence, taking all these factors into account there is no doubt that valuers’ play a big role in taking the burden off buyers as far as gathering quality information about the property is concerned. The information provided by the valuers without any doubt helps the buyers to take a firm decision on the transaction.

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Is The Role Of A Real Estate Just About Identifying Customers

CRRsliderIn the conventional sense of the term, a real estate usually spends almost 100% of his time and effort looking for new customers (both buyers and sellers). While this continues to be his main focus, there is a need to look beyond this obvious role because of increasing competition all around. There are many reasons whyreal estate agents are finding the going tough. On the one hand there is the slowdown in real estate business that was haunting them even a couple of years ago. On the other hand, the aggressive use of the internet technology has certainly made things difficult for the conventional real estate agents. Today’s internet savvy customers are willing to look at various options and are not restricting themselves to real estate agents whenever there is a need to either buy or sell properties.

Under such circumstances, even successful real estate agents need to think out of the box to keep their business intact and look towards the future with optimism and hope. Hence it is quite normal for many conventional real estate agents to not only start being present on the internet but also diversify their income sources. When we talk about diversification, many real estate agents have got into property and real estate appraisal and valuation

There are certainly a number of advantages when a real estate agent doubles up as a property valuer. He is able to get in touch with a larger number of prospects which could help his core business over a period of time. Further, he is able to generate significant revenues as real estate valuers. This is because customers find a tangible value proposition when they are able to value their properties without the need to go outside. Hence, it certainly is a win-win situation both for the real estate agents and also from the customers. Diversification therefore is the mantra for survival of real estate agents in this highly competitive environment.

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Understanding The Importance Of Real Estate Valuations

Larry LohrmanWhy property valuation is considered so important? This is a common question that most of us come across. As retail property buyers we might not be in a position to understand the importance and significance of property valuation. Hence, it would be useful to find out what are the main reasons why valuation of a property is considered so very vital and of extreme significance.

Whenever there is a buying and selling of property, there is no doubt that there is commercial interest and motive of gain involved in the entire transaction. This gain is calculated by the difference in the purchase price and the sale price when a property is sold. This is as far as the seller is concerned. As far as buyer is concerned, he would like to look at from a futuristic point of view. He would be certain that the property will add in value over a period of time. Further, he may use the property to generate revenue through rental income or he could stay in the property and save his rental expenses.

Now when buying a property there is a certain rate mutually agreed upon by the buyer and the seller. There are a number of factors that influence the price and the market is a good indicator. However, not all buyers and sellers would be willing to enter into a real estate transaction based on the market value alone. They would like to find out whether the market rate is true or there is some rigging that is taking place.

In such situations the role of a property valuer becomes very important. He helps not only to find out the fair market value of the property but also goes a step further and gives some very interesting and useful qualitative inputs that helps the buyer to firm up his mind and take a buying decision. This apart when it comes to calculating stamp duty, property tax and capital gains tax, here too the report of a property valuer assumes great significance.

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Why Real Estate Valuation Is An Important Component Of Property Deals

mainAt the end of the day, the main reason for buying a property is to either live in it or give it on rent. When a family decides to stay in it they save on rental expenses. However, they have to pay monthly installments to banks and financial institutions from where they raise funds for buying the homes. In case they rent out the property, they get rental income out of it. The income so received is used to service the loan that they have borrowed. Over a period of time, once the entire loan has been paid the property becomes their own and appreciates in value by quite a few times.

While these are all the commercial aspects of any property buying, let us look at the important role of a property valuer. In fact it would not be an understatement to mention here that there could hardly be any buying or selling of real estate property without the active participation of a real estate valuer. He performs a lot of valuable services on behalf of the buyer. He ensures that the buyers is paying the right value for the property in question. He looks intothe property documents and verifies the same and ensures that they are in order. Apart from the above he also has a lot of other useful things to offer to the buyer.

Many persons are of the opinion that a valuation report consists only the valuation figure of the property in question. This is wrong because the valuation figure is just a tiny part of the overall information contained in a good valuation report. It has other subjective pieces of information which act as very good tools for the buyer to make a buying decision before signing on the contract papers. For example, the location of the property, the infrastructure development in the area are a few more valuable inputs that could help the buyers quite a lot. He also has a look at the value of similar properties in the locality and compares the same with what is being offered by the seller.

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